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Sarah Dufresne

Sarah Dufresne is an Abstract Expressionist artist with a Drawing & Painting  degree from OCAD University. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Dufresne  completed her Honours Bachelor Degree in Psychology at Lakehead University.  Dufresne uses her Psychology degree by expressing herself with a brush and canvas as an act of therapy.

Through drawing and painting courses at Lakehead  University, Sarah was introduced to many opportunities to showcase her work in  Thunder Bay. These opportunities included 2 collaborative exhibitions, 3 solo  exhibitions, and 2 juried exhibitions. Other opportunities such as magazine  features and local awards led her to pursue painting at a post-secondary level at OCAD University. In her years at OCAD, Sarah honed her Abstract Expressionist  style and explored outside of her comfort zone. This experience at OCAD brought her more opportunities in the art community such as magazine features  and a group show. She gained invaluable insight and connections during her time at OCAD which has propelled her into the next stage of her artistic career. The way that her work functions in the material world is an act of therapy unto itself. Dufresne seeks to heal herself and the viewer in the process of creating and  showing her work.