Cynthia Chapman

Cynthia Chapman graduated from OCAD in 2002. Chapman's paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada and internationally in the United States, Germany, Italy and Holland. Her most notable commissions include her series of large paintings done for the prestigious Hazelton Hotel, as well as the Canary Wharf Group in London, UK, who commissioned Chapman to do a large 84" x 84" painting for their private collection.

Chapman's recent work is a taste of her true passions, medium and colour. These paintings are an insight to her inner energy. Chapman uses a wide spectrum of colours she is not afraid of. She likes to explore radical themes of colour while at the same time appreciates traditional calmer palettes. Chapman is very generous with her paint; she layers it on with a thick impasto technique. The work oozes heavy globs along a horizon weaving in and out of strategically placed tiles of solid colours. Her brush strokes are painterly, yet mechanical; she applies the paint with quick left to right gestures in order to get her expression across. Her compositions are structured perpetually, they possess a strong sense of movement while allowing the viewer to also gain stability and find comfort. Chapman's work is diverse within itself.